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In 1962, my grandmother opened a family care home in North Carolina, which is the oldest family care home in the state of NC! Some years later she opened an assisted living facility beside the family care home. After 54 years, both the family care and assisted living homes are still in business and operated by her daughter, my mother, since 1973.

When my grandmother went to her local bank to get financing for opening a family care home, the bank officer told her to stick to... farming, because no one was opening family care homes. My grandmother replied to the bank officer “the devil is a lie” and the rest is history. With no former education, just a dream, grit, and faith, my grandmother opened both a family care and assisted living home in the 60’s.

I write this to let you know the only person standing in your way of your dreams is yourself. With a dream, grit and faith the possibilities are unlimited. So get out of your way and do something great! To my grandmother - Mamie Boyd and my mother - Ann B. Crawford, I wrote this to give you praise for a job well done!

What happened in 1962 –

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