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Are you “Bed, Bath & Beyond” in this story?

Are you “Bed, Bath & Beyond” in this story?

In 2001, Bed, Bath & Beyond was slugging it out with Linens N Things for consumer business. It was a fair fight, on equal footing. But by 2009, Linens went out of business and Bed Bath & Beyond was growing, despite a stagnant economy.

What was the difference?

Well, which company does “20% OFF” make you think of? It should be Bed Bath & Beyond because you have probably gotten like a million postcards in the mail from them with that exact offer on it!

Bed Bath & Beyond kept at it with their marketing. Linens caved to the economic pressure and got stuck in a defeating cycle of less customers/less revenue.

The battle of Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens N Things is just a little story to those who don’t believe they have the funds to market. Read more…

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